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I'm an Internist currently practicing in Indiana. I'm a father of two beautiful children and husband to a wonderful wife. My life is one of great fortune and I am thankful for my many blessings. 

I love medicine, and the practice of it. In fact, what I find most interesting is the role of epistemology in medicine and human thought. With this blog I plan to cover many topics. The topic covered most will be the investigation of truth within the medical literature and medical innovation. When reviewing published studies I will discuss strengths, weakness, applicability, risk of manipulation, impact, and different biases that distort trial results.. Hopefully everyone will obtain a better understanding of the complexity of the science involved in medical research and its execution, not just for researchers but for patients. 

I hope to discuss some existential questions as well. Particularly the role of suffering in humanity, the origin of human thought, meaning of life, meaning of death, God's role in humanity and so much more. 

I hope you will find my posts thought provoking and educational. We only get better by learning from each other. I hope to learn from you as well, so please, leave comments. 

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